Friday, 15 November 2013

The Budget Buy Brow Kit

Brow's are such an important part of a beauty and makeup routine. Whether you believe it or not brows make such a difference to your face, shaping and shading can help balance your facial features, frame the eyes, and if you're a little bit older they can even give you a more youthful look if done correctly.
The problem is eyebrow kits can be expensive, but I have found a brilliant kit that's so affordable!
Welcome, Fashionista Brow Kit.

I've been using this brow kit for a year now, so that's why it may look a little messy but you can see I use it daily! And I still haven't hit pan. Win!

In this kit, which is a brilliant size for popping into your makeup bag (it's a bit bigger than the palm of my hand) contains 3 brown shades - a very dark one, a medium one and a light almost orangey brown. There is also a wax to set any powder into place. As well as that you get a little double ended brush which I don't use whilst doing my makeup but is fine for on the go touchups, and also a little pair of tweezers which too are good quality. And of course that all important mirror, which is a great size.
The powders themselves are well pigmented, not chalky, don't give any fall out and stay in place on my brows all day even without the wax. I tend to use the medium brown, sometimes I mix in a bit of the darker one too and the colour is great.
I think unless you have black eyebrows or very fair hairs then everyone could make this work for them, whether it's by using a shade on it's on or mixing them.

This kit is £7 from Superdrug, or currently £3.50 HERE!


  1. This looks great!!! And really reasonable too :-) Love stuff like this! xxx

  2. no way, only £3.50?
    Buying it today, I need to replace my one it's almost finished!
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  3. i always see the fashionista section at superdrug but have never tried anything from there ;/

    check out my giveaway,

    1. Me too normally! But this caught me eye :) glad I found it!

  4. so happy i found your blog! this looks so good can't believe how cheap it is x

  5. Such good value for £3.50 :) I really want a decent brow kit, after just using powder for ages
    Daniella x

  6. Definitely give it a try then :)

  7. amazing and soo cheap *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!



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