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My Top Skincare Tips

I've always looked after my skin, I like to have clean and moisturised skin. I hate the feeling of my skin feeling clogged up or dehydrated. I don't have perfect skin by any means, I get the occasional breakout like everybody else, but my skin is quite good and that's because I do take care of it, so I thought I would share with you my top skincare tips.
(please note, I am not a professional nor an expert, these are just things I have picked up and things that work for me, a lot of these tips are just common sense)

1. ALWAYS remove your makeup before bed. Not removing your makeup before bed will mean your pores get clogged up, which is the main cause for skin imperfections. Your skin needs time to breathe, during the day it's been covered in makeup or faced with outside pollution, it needs a break!
A lot of people say "your skin mends itself at night', that is complete rubbish. Your skin is repairing itself 24/7, but at night when your asleep it doesn't have makeup, pollution or sunlight on it, so it can focus on repairing.

2. DON'T use makeup wipes. I think more or less everybody I know uses makeup wipes, and I used to until about 10 months ago, and the difference I have noticed in my skin since I stopped has been amazing. Makeup wipes contain alcohol, which dries out the skin and if you have sensitive skin they will make her skin more red. Alcohol will also strip the skin, and is a breeding ground for bacteria. Stick with a non-foaming cleanser, much better for your skin and actually takes your makeup off better. Also, if you wear makeup during the day remember to double cleanse at night.

3. DO watch what you eat. About 99% of what your face is showing comes from what you eat. Basically, cut out the crap. Fast food, chocolate, sweets, microwavable meals - all are not good for your skin and if you cut them out you will notice a big difference. Cut down on dairy, so many people I know who have had problem skin and cut out dairy noticed a huge change - humans are the only species that eat and drink milk that comes from another mammal, it's not a natural thing to do.

4. DO cleanse in the morning. Washing your face in the morning is very important, you may think "but I have just been laying in bed all night, and I cleansed before bed, I don't need to do it again"…so you think bacteria doesn't breed whilst your asleep? You don't sweat? Then why do you ever change bedsheets if that is the case?

5. DON'T smoke. Like I said earlier, it's just common sense. If you smoke it decreases the amount of oxygen in your skin, not to mention the amount of rubbish you're breathing in. But hey, I guess smokers care more about cigarettes than they do for their health and skin.

6. DO take supplements. Obviously this is not crucial, but if you have problem skin I'd recommend taking some supplements that contain fish oil and/or zinc, both are brilliant for the skin.

7. DO use acidic skincare. That sounds quite scary, but acids are very good for the skin. A lot of toners will have acid in, the one I use the Michael Todd Blue Green Algae Toner which contains Hyaluronic acid which helps with cellar renewable (review here). Another brilliant one if you can afford it is Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner.
A toner should be an essential in your skincare routine.

8. DON'T use exfoliators with beads in them. These spread infection.

9. DON'T use sudocream. I know so many people use this, and I have been known to. Yes it does reduce inflammation, but in the long run it clogs pores and just sits on the skin.

10. DO invest in skincare. Now, I know not everyone can afford high end skincare, and I am one of those people. But if you are willing to spend money on clothes or accessories then why not spend it on skincare instead? You only get one face, look after it. Ideally you should have two moisturisers, and two cleansers - one each for morning and night time use.

Product everyone should own - Hydraluron Moisture Booster (I do not own this myself but I am saving up, skincare experts have said everyone should own this - hyaluronic acid can absorb up to 1000 times its weight in moisture, so if you put this on and then your moisturiser then the moisture will stay there. It also helps heal the skin, reduce bacteria, and softens the skin)

There you go, my top 10 skincare tips. I guarantee you if you do those things you WILL have better skin. I hope you found this helpful.

Will you be trying any of these things out?


  1. I do most of those things already, I will definitely buy those products!

  2. I sadly suffer from terrible skin, its upsetting but im hoping now ive got it all under control it will start to clear, great post! check out my blog?

    1. Glad you liked the post. Have you checked out a model recommends on YouTube? She gives great skin care advice and products to try xx

  3. I recommend using 'Good Things' i used to have really bad skin that was always spotty and greasy (Icky I know) and no products ever worked even the expensive stuff. However I have used 'Good Things' since December it has made my skin so much nicer and its really smooth to :) ,and i'm only just running out of the products i brought in December. I have recommended it to many people and they love it just as much a me xx

  4. I use clinique 3 step method, its brill and leaves your face feeling so clean after. Once in the morning, once at night its ace. And a massive difference has been noticed. Love it!! X

    1. Ohh might have to try that, I like Clinique, they're so good for sensitive skin xx

  5. These are really amazing tips... I struggle with my skin often, I have made quiet a few changed... I have always used face wipes... This is a revelation to me... Will be throwing that out!

    oh! Your blog is lovely... Will check it out for some more good tips!

    Feel free to visit me at: Http://

  6. Great post! Must check out those products you mentioned xx

  7. I really enjoyed reading this post, I had no idea about beads in exfoliators spreading infections! I only use lotion micro exfoliants at the moment but in the past I've used ones containing beads! xx

    1. I didn't know until recently either, but now I never use them! They always feel so harsh on my skin as well x

  8. Replies
    1. thankyou :) glad you found it helpful x


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