Friday, 22 November 2013

Oreo Chocolate Cookies!

I love baking cakes, so I thought I'd branch out and make some cookies!

I saw a recipe for chocolate cookies on Tanya Burr's blog and thought they looked amazing! But I made little changes to make them more my own. Firstly I used less caster sugar than Tanya said, I used 250g rather than the suggested 300g and even then the cookies were incredibly sweet….so I'd recommend using a little less. People are far too obsessed with sugar!
I also used more than a 'little dash' of milk because I wanted to make sure they weren't dry.
Lastly instead of Daim bars I used an Oreo chocolate bar broken up, along with the plain chocolate and a bit of white chocolate too.

The recipe creates enough mixture for 10 large cookies. They're very yummy and I do want to make them again, but with less sugar and perhaps less cocoa powder so they're not so sickly sweet!



  1. I absolutely swear by this recipe.. I'm going to make some now!

    1. They were too sweet, but still yummy x

  2. these cookies looks so yummy :)

  3. Oh wow these are amazing! I could so eat these right now xx
    Gemma //

  4. YUMMMMM! :) Like your social media icons btw!

  5. This looks amazing... :D I love chocolate

    I'm talking about travelling and life, come have a look ;)


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