Sunday, 28 September 2014

One For The Curly/Frizzy Haired Girls

Fellow curly haired ladies who struggle with undefined curls, frizz, fly-aways and/or hair not feeling very soft….here's one for you.

Aussie Dual Personality Curl Definition & Soft Feel Serum (£5.19) (what a mouthful!) is my current go-to hair product. I use it when my hair is still damp; I shake the bottle, pop a couple of pumps on my hands, rub them together and scrunch it into my hair - concentrating on the lengths.
This serum is said to define and separate curls, and leave hair feeling really soft. It is enriched with jojoba seeds, which really helps to add that gorgeous shine to hair.
I would agree with its promises, and do find my curls are more defined and much more soft after I use this, the serum really helps with any frizz I may have as well - win!
Another massive bonus is this serum doesn't weigh my hair down at all, it's very light but still feels rich and like it's actually doing some good…almost like it's kicking some health back into my locks.
I'd definitely recommend this product if you have curls, or even just wavy hair that needs a bit of taming.

Have you tried any
Aussie products?


Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil

I'm not faithful to only one cleanser, once I finish a bottle I tend to try out something new as nothing has quite reached the 'holy-grail' standard for me yet. My latest purchase was the Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil by The Body Shop (£10).

I first heard about this after hearing Amelia Liana raving about it, and when I saw it was slightly cheaper than a lot of other good cleansers I knew I had to give it a go, and I have to say I am very impressed.
As this cleanser is an oil it feels very luxurious on the skin, and it really gives you the sense of melting any remaining makeup or dirt (yuck) off the face. I massage one pump all over my face and then remove with a flannel that's been dampened with warm water, and the result is gorgeously fresh skin.
My skin feels soft, very clean, soothed and not at all like the cleanser has been too harsh or stripping; which sometimes is the case with other products. I also love the packaging - a simple plastic bottle, but it has a pump! No mess, quick and easy.
This cleanser won't be a miracle worker if you have troublesome skin, nor is it anything groundbreaking, what it is is a good cleanser that removes impurities, refreshes the skin and would be brilliant for sensitive skin suffers. At £10 for 200ml I think it's a bargain….trust me, the bottle won't run out quickly.

Have you tried any The Body Shop


Friday, 19 September 2014

MAC Lipstick in Fanfare

Everyone raves about MAC lipsticks, and for good reason. There are certain shades that get a hell of a lot of attention, but Fanfare is one that I think is overlooked.

MAC Fanfare (£15) is described as a 'mid-toned yellow pink' on the MAC website. I'd agree with that, but the description does it no justice. It's such a gorgeous mid toned pink that isn't at all dull, not blue-toned, it's bright, cheerful and just so pretty.
Fanfare is a cremesheen formula, this means it's a creamy formulation with mid level colour payoff and a slightly glossy finish. Cremesheen lipsticks give a gorgeous look on the lips, they're really soft (keep out of the sun!) and they're not at all drying. As they are quite creamy they aren't the longest wearing, but for me this lasts a good 3 hours, minimum, which I think is pretty damn good.
I absolutely love this lipstick; it feels so luxurious, both because of the branding and the formulation and the shade is stunning. It looks great when my skin is more tanned, but looks equally nice when I'm on the paler side. Fanfare is a winner!

What's your favourite MAC lipstick?


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Favourite London Fashion Week Street Styles

It's that time of year again. SS15 London Fashion Week has just finished, and with it brought lots of new styles….I'm always interested to see the clothes in the shows, to see which colours, fabrics and prints are going to be everywhere for that season, but I also love to look at the street style.
I've been looking at what all the celebrities have been wearing over the past few days, and put together a blog post on my top 4 outfits. You may see a slight theme running through this post….I kinda love monochrome.

I'm always a fan of Danielle Peazer's clothes, and this monochrome outfit definitely impressed me.
The lace cami dress from is very pretty and delicate, but Danielle has made the outfit more edgy with her leather jacket, hat and brogue shoes. I actually loved all the outfits she wore to LFW, so if you're interested in them do keep an eye out on her blog, I'm sure she'll be doing a post on them.

Rosie Fortescue looks gorgeous in this outfit. I love how smart is it, and not at all over the top. The tartan print paired with the black knit and light jacket is gorgeous. Very Autumnal! Outfit from New Look.

Doesn't Tanya always look amazing? This Topshop outfit is effortless. The stripy dress is stunning, and really compliments Tanya's figure, I also love the shoes and how she's brought the outfit together with a very on-trend hat. 

I'm always interested to see what Alexa Chung wears to Fashion Week. On a day to day basis I adore her style, and when she has a special occasion event to go to she goes all out. I think this outfit is gorgeous. That tailored look is really 'in' at the moment. I think her suede loafer shoes are so cute, and the pink jacket adds some colour to the otherwise dark ensemble. 

Those are my top 4 looks from LFW.

Which is your favourite
outfit out of the 4?

Saturday, 13 September 2014

The Easy Liquid Eyeliner

When a lot of people hear the words 'liquid eyeliner' they get a bit freaked out. It's notoriously difficult to apply, and fairly tricky to get even…it does however give a beautiful look, and if you're looking to get a cat eye flick then there is no better way.
Gel eyeliners may look the best, but if you're a beginner or don't have a steady hand it can be difficult to get right, and you may end up with uneven flicks, or black smudges around your eyes. Thankfully there is a product to save the day….enter Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner (£6).

I'm sure you've all seen these felt-tip style eyeliners before, they're everywhere! I have tried a few of them before, but the best one I have come across is by Soap & Glory.
Some eyeliners in this style have been a bit of a nightmare for me, whether it's the bulky tip, the short pen or the actual product not coming out well (resulting in streaky eyeliner…not a good look), I've had my issues with them, however the S&G fine marker style tip and easy to hold packaging are a dream, and the look it gives is faultless.
The packaging itself just looks like a pen, but I love that it's quite a long tube; it makes it so much easier to use. The fine point tip is amazing because you can get whatever desired look you want to go for; whether it's a tiny bit of definition on the upper lash line or a more intense look with a flick, you're sorted! The liquid is fantastic; it's jet black, fast drying, smooth and intense.
So, if you're struggling to get on with gel eyeliner, or you just want a product to turn to when you're in a hurry then look no further, Soap & Glory have got it covered with their Supercat Eyeliner.


Thursday, 11 September 2014

Balance Me Moisture Rich Face Cream AND Upcoming Beauty Events

Balance Me is a brand I hadn't tried until recently, but it's a brand I'd heard a lot about and was very excited to try. What really stands out to me is how great their ethos and aim behind the brand; Balance Me uses naturally active botanicals, hi-tech natural formulations and pure grade essential oils to deliver a skincare range that both has aromatherapy inspired aromas and beautiful textures that can be used across all skin types. Their philosophy is 'beauty that works naturally', and they want to restore balance in the skin. Pretty great huh?!

I tried their Moisture Rich Face Cream* (£15), which is targeting at normal to dry/sensitive skin - great for me, as my skin does get quite dry and is definitely sensitive.
My first impression of this product was a bit disheartening, the smell is really rather strong of roses. I tend to stay clear off scented products because they don't normally agree with me skin, and I find them a bit odd when they're very strong and linger. However, if you're into nicely scented face creams I'm sure you'd love it, and if not (like me) it isn't really a big deal.
The cream itself does feel rich, but it isn't at all heavy which I really liked. The texture is very smooth, silky and works into the skin really well. I do find that after applied it made my face feel quite stiff and tight, but that does go away after a little while…it is a bit annoying though.
Now, the big question, have I noticed a change in my skin since using this face cream? Yes, I have. Nothing ground-breaking, but my skin has felt soft, it's looked plumper and the moisturising claims are correct.
So, I was impressed with this moisturiser…I'm not sure it's going to be a holy-grail product for me, but I do like it and would recommend it. I'm excited to try more Balance Me products!

If you're a Balance Me fan, or would like to know more about the brand then this may interest you.
Balance Me are teaming up with Marie Claire and Debenhams to host 4 in-store events this September and October. Discover personalised skin, body and haircare, and refresh your beauty regime with 15% discount off Balance Me products. You can also talk to skincare experts about your individual needs or skin concerns, as well as getting a personal skin-reading session with Balance Me's mobile skin scanner. They'll be a free-prize draw for the chance to win a Balance Me hamper worth £150, AND you can chat with the members of the Marie Claire team for top beauty tips.
Tickets are £10, this includes a goodie bag worth £75!

All the information here!

30th September - Oxford Street
2nd October - Cardiff
8th October - Chester

Have fun!


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

My All Time Favourite Lipgloss

I've always very much been a lipstick over lipgloss type of gal. I'm not one for constant reapplication, I don't enjoy the sticky feeling, and I certainly don't appreciate the inevitable hair stuck to lips situation, however the NARS lipgloss in Stolen Kisses* (£18.50) (one of their new ones!) has got me reaching for it ever so often.

So, what's so great about  this lipgloss? Well, it's just miles better in every possible way to anything I've tried…(I mean, it really should be considering the price).
The packaging is classic NARS, very simple yet it feels classy and expensive, and you do get a fair amount of product.
Now, the gloss itself is extremely pigmenting, and the colour payoff is stunning. Stolen Kisses is a very natural shade, almost 'my lips but better' but darker and much prettier with a slight hint of shimmer…that to be honest is barely noticeable, but I like that. The colour goes well with any makeup look, I've worn it with a smokey eye and with a 'no-makeup' look and both look pretty gorgeous. I do get complimented when I wear it as well…always a bonus.
The texture is spot on, it's not thick and gloopy nor is it running, and it ranks very low on the stickiness scale; meaning it's extremely comfortable to wear and it doesn't feel like my lips are being glued together.
When it comes down to how long the lipgloss actually stays on the lips I was highly impressed, without eating or drink the shade was still there a good 3 or 4 hours later, obviously it fades over time but nowhere near as much as I had expected from a gloss…I was really surprised!
So, NARS, I applaud you!


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Tips For School Makeup

It's the beginning of September, which means a lot of you will be returning to school, or maybe even starting at a new school. So, I thought I'd do a post on school makeup.

I want to start by saying that I'm sure most of you who are school age don't even need to wear makeup, so please hold back from doing so if you don't need it…what's the point in smothering your face with foundation if it's already clear and imperfection free? However, I know some girls suffer with spots, blemishes or if you're in the older years then you just would like to wear a bit of makeup anyway, maybe to cover those under eye circles.

Concealer is a girls best friend. Concealer can help you cover up any areas you aren't happy with, maybe there's a blemish, or uneven skin tone you want to target, and you can do this without having to slap foundation all over your young skin. A concealer like Collection Lasting Perfection is perfect for school days, it's heavy coverage so if you have spots (which we all get in our teen years….and as we get older too sadly) it will help to hide those and boost your confidence, it's also very long lasting so it shouldn't wear off over the long school day, even if you're doing P.E. For under eye circles I'd recommend Rimmel Wake Me Up, it'll definitely give the illusion that you've had a good nights sleep.
Waterproof mascara was a must have for me during my school days. I always felt a bit naked if I wasn't wearing mascara, and it always made me feel so much better about myself if I had it on. I like the waterproof versions because they tend to stay on longer, also if you get all hot and sweaty during P.E it won't smudge and go all down your face. There's loads of waterproof mascaras in the shops, but I recommend any from L'Oreal.
Face powder was something I went through quite a bit of in school. I didn't wear foundation until my last year, but I did wear a mineral powder. I liked it because it gave me the tiniest bit of coverage, which is all I needed, and it stopped me getting shiny throughout the day. Rimmel Stay Matte is great, and so is Maybelline Fit Me.
Lip Balm was in my bag at all times…actually I kept it in my pencil case! I never had a tinted one, my school was too strict for that, but I used to carry around a plain Nivea lip balm just to keep my lips hydrated.

That's all the makeup I used to wear during my school years, but if I was there now I'd probably also wear an eyebrow pencil to give my brows a little definition - Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil is my favourite. An eyeliner just to line the top lash line - I'd choose brown over black as it's more natural and not so harsh, again Rimmel is the best for eyeliners. And lastly maybe a natural matte bronzer - nothing dark, orange or shimmery, just something to give my face a little bit more colour, Soap & Glory do a fantastic duo bronzer.

I hope this post has given all you school goers some help, and I hope you aren't as self conscious as I was because honestly there's no need to be! 

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