Friday, 31 January 2014

Tanya Burr - Lips and Nails

Tanya Burr - beauty blogger and YouTube star has just released a line of lip glosses and nail varnishes with eye CANDY. I for one am very excited about this!
As Tanya trained to be a makeup artist, specialises in the beauty business and knows all there is to know about makeup products I have faith that her products, in particular the lip glosses, will be amazing. I know Tanya has been working on this line for ages and I'm certain she wouldn't have released the products unless she was more than happy with them, so I'm expecting high quality glosses and varnishes from her line!

Let's start with the glosses - there are 12 in the line, with a beautiful selection of colours from bright red to pink to more natural shades. Six have shimmer in them and six do not, which I'm thankful for as I'm not a fan of shimmery glosses. They're being priced at £6.99 - a very reasonable price. I can't wait to try some out, Afternoon Tea, Chic and Lets Travel The World are top of my wish list (I know, I know, the names are too cute).

(photo via @TanyaBurr on twitter)

There are 10 shades in the nail varnish range, there are some gorgeous pastel colours in there that would be perfect for spring and some darker shades too. These are priced at £5.99.
The colours that catch my eye are Little Duck - a gorgeous pastel green, Riding Hood - a dark vampey red and New York Night - a dark brown. Again, how amazing are the names? I love how Tanya has given them proper names, I think it really adds to the product.

The packaging for both the lip glosses and the nail varnishes are gorgeous, simple but classy and pretty. I normally don't like it when there's a signature written across a product packaging butt Tanya's is super pretty, with a little heart, I adore it.
Tanya Burr's products are available to buy NOW at Feel Unique and they'll be available from other beauty websites and on the highstreet soon!

I can' wait to try Tanya's new products, especially the lip glosses!
What product have you got your eye on?

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Clinique Chubby Stick Instense in Grandest Grape | REVIEW

If there's one makeup product I could buy endless amounts of it's definitely lipsticks or any lip product to be honest - I'm obsessed. From lipsticks, to lip glosses, to lip stains, to lip balms, I love them all…but one of my favourite type of lip product is definitely the crayon style ones. It seems more or less every makeup brand has jumped on Clinique's bandwagon and made their own (and some are damn good) but for Christmas I got a chubby stick by the lip crayon trendsetter - Clinique.

The colour I got was one that featured in one of my wish lists a few months back, it's called Grandest Grape. I'm quite big on bolder lip colours for Autumn and Winter, so the beautiful dark purple/dark pink/berry colour is right up my street!


The texture of this chubby stick is amazing, if you're someone who doesn't like lipstick to feel too heavy then this is for you! It glides on smoothly, and is so creamy it can be applied to the lips without any tugging, but at the same time it isn't so creamy that it'll slide around.
The finish is gorgeously glossy, and the product feels lovely and hydrating which is the biggest bonus when the weather isn't at its best.
The wear time for the chubby stick is good, I'd say about four hours if you're not eating or drinking, and it leaves behind a slight stain.

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense is priced at £17, which is more expensive than the alternatives out there, but having tried a few of them I'd say the original is the best. Chubby sticks feel more luxurious, they make my lips feel softer, and the colour payoff is better.
I'd definitely recommend this product, it'd make a lovely treat for yourself!

Have you tried this product?
Or do you want to?


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

My Fragrance - LOUD By Tommy Hilfiger

I'm not someone who owns loads of fragrances, nor am I someone who would spend £60 on a bottle of perfume, however I love fragrance, smelling nice and trying out different scents.
My favourite, and one that's been my perfume for about 2 years, is Loud by Tommy Hilfiger.

I'm useless when it comes to describing scents, so sorry in advance, but I think this perfume is quite a warm scent and it definitely has floral notes in it. When you first spray it I think it smells quite sweet, but then it smells warm, and the spicy floral scent kicks in. There's hints of rose in there, lychee and spices. It's not at all overpowering, nor is it sickly which I often find perfumes to be.

Something I adore about this fragrance is how long it lasts! I find so many perfumes fade within a couple of hours, or sometimes less, but this is different. I sprayed this onto a scarf and I could still smell it months later, which is amazing, I hate having to carry around a perfume bottle!

The Loud perfume was designed to be 'Rock and Roll' and actually I do agree that it is. You'll have to go and smell it to see what I mean!

I also love the bottle, it's simple but really cute. Oh, and the best part is it's inexpensive at £10 from Escentual!
Overal this is a definite winner for me!
 Buy it here!

What's your current fragrance?

Friday, 24 January 2014

Real Techniques Role Reversal

The Real Techniques range is my favourite brand of makeup brushes. There are so many to choose from, they're affordable, they look pretty, they're easy to clean, they dry quickly and I love the way they make my makeup look.

Two of the brushes I own are the Brush Blush and the Contour Brush which is part of the Core Collections kit. I adore both of these brushes and use them daily, however I do use them for different things. The blush brush I find is best for contouring, and the contour brush is brilliant for applying blush, so there's a role reversal going on!

The blush brush is practically just a larger version of the contour brush. They both have those tapered bristles which make them great for blending in your product. You apply the powder to the top bristles and then the bristles on the outer part of the brush will help to blend it all in, so you're not left with an awful harsh line.
The reason I prefer to use the blush brush to contour is because it is larger and has more bristles to help blend my bronzer. Although the contour brush is perfectly great at doing it's job I found I was sometimes left with too harsh a line, it was too precise for a daytime look, so I'd always go in afterwards trying to blend it out…but I don't need to do that with the blush brush!
The contour brush is amazing for applying blush though, it's the perfect size! It's also a dream to apply highlighter with and even help to blend in concealer.

If you have both of these brushes I suggest swapping the uses around and seeing how you get on!
If you don't have these brushes I highly recommend them…and any of the others from the Real Techniques range!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Best Hair Products Of 2013

During 2013 I experimented with quite a few different hair products. My hair is naturally very thick..there's lots of it, curly, and can get quite dry or frizzy. I wanted to get that under control and have beautiful, sleek, more manageable hair and finally I think I have found products that really work for me.

The first being TRESemme Naturals Vibrantly Smoothing Conditioner . This stuff is amazing. I've never used a conditioner that makes my hair feel so incredibly soft, and look so shiny, I noticed a change after just one wash. The best thing is for a massive bottle it's only £4.50.
Next up is TRESemme Oil Elixir. This is an oil you apply to wet hair after washing it. It contains macadamia oil and grape seed oil which both help to leave your hair feeling soft, looking shiny and a lot healthier. It's a bit pricier at £9.99 but it's definitely worth it. I've had a lot of compliments on my hair after I started using this!
I can be quite fussy when it comes to heat defence sprays, I don't like it when they weigh my hair down, leave it looking greasy or smell chemically. The Aussie Take The Heat spray does none of those things - it works really well and I love it.
As I said before, I have thick hair and it can look very voluminous, however I sometimes find I want more volume on top so my hair doesn't look weighed down. The VO5 Plump It Up Dry Backcomb Spray has been a god send. You spray this into the roots of your hair, rub it in and taa-daa! It gives your roots a boost without the damage that real back-combing does. The can lasts ages as well, so for the mere price of £3.79 you can't go wrong.
After I use the back-combing spray I like to secure my hairstyle with Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Hair Spray. Hairspray is another thing I'm quite fussy about. Why do they have to make hairsprays smell SO vile and strong? Why do they have to make your hair crunchy? This one doesn't!
The smell is amazing, but not overpowering. Fudge claim this has a 'soft touch finish' - which I half agree with. It doesn't make your hair feel crunchy, but you can feel you have hairspray in, which I overlook because this spray really does hold my hair in place brilliantly!

What's your number one
hair product?

Monday, 20 January 2014

Explaining My Absence And A Little Catch Up

Remember me? It's been a while!

You have or may not have noticed my absence over the last month, but I definitely have missed this site, the people that comment on my posts, and reading everyone else's posts.
The reason why I've been away is that my internet broke (hurrah…). Just before Christmas everything just went wrong at my house, first the Sky box broke so we had no TV over the Christmas period, then our telephone line went, which of course meant the internet went as well. Definitely not an ideal situation, although it did mean I got round to reading a lot of books, which was a joy!
All is okay now… internet has just been fixed, it's still rather slow but it's useable and we'll be getting a new provider very soon which I'm thankful for.

So, what have I missed? I know I've missed all the Christmas posts which I'm gutted about, and sad I didn't get to write mine as well, I was looking forward to it. But all the beauty related things I got for Christmas will be making their way onto my blog in some way I'm sure…whether it's in review form, favourites or 'What's On My Face' form, they'll be here.

As from tomorrow I'm back with beauty posts, but for todays I thought I'd just fill you in on what happened and share with you some of my photos from the last month.
The end of December was filled with DVD watching, reading, eating lots and family time. I love Christmas a lot, it was a busy one this year but I enjoyed it, if I'm honest I still feel like it's Christmas now, I don't want to let go! January has been good so far as well, I went up to London to meet my friend Suzanne who lives in Canada. It was so lovely to see her, we walked around London all day, showed her the sights and took a little trip to Winter Wonderland. 
It was also one of my best friends birthday's the other day so we had a really good night out celebrating that with her…I even wore a dress, shock horror (picture proof below).

I'll leave you with the pictures that sum up my last month..

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas
and New Year

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