Thursday, 15 August 2013

Soap & Glory The Daily Smooth Body Butter | REVIEW

I would like to introduce you to my absolute favourite ever body butter/body moisturiser - Soap & Glory's The Daily Smooth Body Butter!

I have tried rather a lot of body butters, body moisturisers, body creams, etc, I hate having dry skin and I always feel a million times better after moisturising, but I'm also very fussy when it comes to finding a product I actually like but Soap & Glory have won me over again with this!

Firstly it smells AMAZING, like vanilla, cocoa butter and ever so slightly florally (but only the tiniest bit), it's also quite musky - I adore it. It's not over powering either, I don't like it when body products smell too strongly so you feel you can't wear perfume. 
As it's a body butter it is quite thick, which is why I was surprised at how quickly it sinks into the skin - there's none of that waiting around for ages, unable to move, and then when it does sink in your skin is left feeling super soft. I have used moisturisers purposely for dry skin and they don't even compare to how this leaves me - and it lasts ages as well - it's not like "oooh my skin is so soft" and then a few hours later it's dry again.

As you can see from the photos this product has been well loved; I am having to squeeze the tube so much now to get anything to come out of it but I will definitely be repurchasing.
This amazing body butter retails for £9, which I thing is perfectly reasonable when you take into consideration how wonderful it smells, how great it works and also how long it lasts - I have had this for about 9 months and it's only just running out now, a little bit really goes a long way!

What's your favourite Soap & Glory product?


Monday, 12 August 2013

REN Clarifying Clay Cleanser | REVIEW

A couple of months ago I ran out of Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish, and although I did love that cleanser I felt I should try a new one and the C&P wasn't really making me go 'wow' when I used it anymore.
I opted for the REN Clarifying Clay mask, I'd always heard really great things about it but as it was marketed for oily skin I'd never bought it, but I saw Caroline Hirons (skincare expert) say it was absolutely fine for any skin types…so I took the plunge….and I love it.

This cleanser is a lot more of a deeper cleanser than the C&P, which is great if you have blemish prone skin or if you live in a city with lots of pollution. I personally love this because it really feels like it's working on my skin but doesn't feel at all stripping, and as it's clay based it's quite thick which forces you to really work it into the skin. Along with clay the ingredients include sage, lactic acid and camomile water - all great things for the skin.
The cleanser aims to combat the 3 key causes of breakout, excess serum, build up of dead skin cells and blemish causing bacteria, although I don't have bad skin I do think this would work well for you if you do and help with those nasty breakouts! I have noticed the surface of my skin has been smoother since using this and my foundation always goes on a lot nicer.
This cleanser also gently exfoliates AND helps reduce the appearance of pores…WIN WIN WIN.

Overall I would highly recommend this, it retails for £18 for 150ml which isn't really cheap but it will last AGES! I've had the cleanser a couple of months and it genuinely looks like I've hardly touched it, if this was C&P it would almost have run out by now.


What's your cleanser of choice?
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