Sunday, 7 September 2014

Tips For School Makeup

It's the beginning of September, which means a lot of you will be returning to school, or maybe even starting at a new school. So, I thought I'd do a post on school makeup.

I want to start by saying that I'm sure most of you who are school age don't even need to wear makeup, so please hold back from doing so if you don't need it…what's the point in smothering your face with foundation if it's already clear and imperfection free? However, I know some girls suffer with spots, blemishes or if you're in the older years then you just would like to wear a bit of makeup anyway, maybe to cover those under eye circles.

Concealer is a girls best friend. Concealer can help you cover up any areas you aren't happy with, maybe there's a blemish, or uneven skin tone you want to target, and you can do this without having to slap foundation all over your young skin. A concealer like Collection Lasting Perfection is perfect for school days, it's heavy coverage so if you have spots (which we all get in our teen years….and as we get older too sadly) it will help to hide those and boost your confidence, it's also very long lasting so it shouldn't wear off over the long school day, even if you're doing P.E. For under eye circles I'd recommend Rimmel Wake Me Up, it'll definitely give the illusion that you've had a good nights sleep.
Waterproof mascara was a must have for me during my school days. I always felt a bit naked if I wasn't wearing mascara, and it always made me feel so much better about myself if I had it on. I like the waterproof versions because they tend to stay on longer, also if you get all hot and sweaty during P.E it won't smudge and go all down your face. There's loads of waterproof mascaras in the shops, but I recommend any from L'Oreal.
Face powder was something I went through quite a bit of in school. I didn't wear foundation until my last year, but I did wear a mineral powder. I liked it because it gave me the tiniest bit of coverage, which is all I needed, and it stopped me getting shiny throughout the day. Rimmel Stay Matte is great, and so is Maybelline Fit Me.
Lip Balm was in my bag at all times…actually I kept it in my pencil case! I never had a tinted one, my school was too strict for that, but I used to carry around a plain Nivea lip balm just to keep my lips hydrated.

That's all the makeup I used to wear during my school years, but if I was there now I'd probably also wear an eyebrow pencil to give my brows a little definition - Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil is my favourite. An eyeliner just to line the top lash line - I'd choose brown over black as it's more natural and not so harsh, again Rimmel is the best for eyeliners. And lastly maybe a natural matte bronzer - nothing dark, orange or shimmery, just something to give my face a little bit more colour, Soap & Glory do a fantastic duo bronzer.

I hope this post has given all you school goers some help, and I hope you aren't as self conscious as I was because honestly there's no need to be! 


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