Sunday, 31 August 2014

Fashion Wish List - September 2014

A new season is just around the corner, which means all the shops are getting new stock in, which results in me endlessly pining over new clothes, shoes and accessories.

I went into New Look the other day and saw this top and this jacket put together and the combination made me turn into that love heart emoji. The two colours go together so nicely - the crepe blazer style jacket (£24.99) is a light grey and the top with scallop hem (£12.99) is a dusky pink, both items of clothing are simple yet really pretty, and I really do need some new short sleeve shirts. Also, both the jacket and the top are under £25, New Look is great for bargains.

I have got an obsession with checked shirts. I only own one but I adore it and I always see others I want, this white one (£17.99) from New Look is really nice and inexpensive, I love that it would go with any colour jeans too.
I also saw these shoes (£14.99), which I'm sure will be a love/hate item, but I like them and I reckon they'd be super comfortable, a great style for going from Summer to Autumn and would go with more or less every outfit.

Urban Outfitters jewellery is my favourite, can I have it all? These are the pieces I'm currently dreaming of. Two necklaces - one has a double chain with a circle and triangle pendant (£12), and the other is a shorter necklace with a crystal and a coin on it (£14). This geometric bracelet with black drawstring fastening (£6) is the sort of style I'm drawn to a lot at the moment.

ASOS is a dream, isn't it? I daren't spent too long on the site or I'll end up with 200 items in my wish-list, at the least. But I did find these two items which I adore. The first is a stripy top (£12), such a staple piece that I need in my wardrobe. The second is another checked shirt (£28), surprise surprise, I like this one a lot..the colours are right up my street, I love the oversized style and the fabric looks so soft.

This wish-list was cut down by quite a few items, but still ended up being long….so I do hope you enjoy long blog posts! I'd love to know what piece of fashion you are looking to buy for the new season. 


  1. I love the products you've chosen. I especially like those shoes. Great post and keep up the good work.



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