Sunday, 28 September 2014

One For The Curly/Frizzy Haired Girls

Fellow curly haired ladies who struggle with undefined curls, frizz, fly-aways and/or hair not feeling very soft….here's one for you.

Aussie Dual Personality Curl Definition & Soft Feel Serum (£5.19) (what a mouthful!) is my current go-to hair product. I use it when my hair is still damp; I shake the bottle, pop a couple of pumps on my hands, rub them together and scrunch it into my hair - concentrating on the lengths.
This serum is said to define and separate curls, and leave hair feeling really soft. It is enriched with jojoba seeds, which really helps to add that gorgeous shine to hair.
I would agree with its promises, and do find my curls are more defined and much more soft after I use this, the serum really helps with any frizz I may have as well - win!
Another massive bonus is this serum doesn't weigh my hair down at all, it's very light but still feels rich and like it's actually doing some good…almost like it's kicking some health back into my locks.
I'd definitely recommend this product if you have curls, or even just wavy hair that needs a bit of taming.

Have you tried any
Aussie products?



  1. I'm actually really impressed with Aussie hair products! I swear by their leave-in condition for long hair - it makes my hair so soft and detangles it like nothing else will. So I highly recommend it! I haven't tried this one - do you reckon it will work for air-drying hair? I'm trying to not use heat on my hair these days, and hardly ever blow dry.

    x Sneha |

  2. I love Aussie products and I'm so jealous of your curly hair!

    New post on my blog, it'll mean the world to me if you check it out! Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?Let me know :)


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