Tuesday, 9 September 2014

My All Time Favourite Lipgloss

I've always very much been a lipstick over lipgloss type of gal. I'm not one for constant reapplication, I don't enjoy the sticky feeling, and I certainly don't appreciate the inevitable hair stuck to lips situation, however the NARS lipgloss in Stolen Kisses* (£18.50) (one of their new ones!) has got me reaching for it ever so often.

So, what's so great about  this lipgloss? Well, it's just miles better in every possible way to anything I've tried…(I mean, it really should be considering the price).
The packaging is classic NARS, very simple yet it feels classy and expensive, and you do get a fair amount of product.
Now, the gloss itself is extremely pigmenting, and the colour payoff is stunning. Stolen Kisses is a very natural shade, almost 'my lips but better' but darker and much prettier with a slight hint of shimmer…that to be honest is barely noticeable, but I like that. The colour goes well with any makeup look, I've worn it with a smokey eye and with a 'no-makeup' look and both look pretty gorgeous. I do get complimented when I wear it as well…always a bonus.
The texture is spot on, it's not thick and gloopy nor is it running, and it ranks very low on the stickiness scale; meaning it's extremely comfortable to wear and it doesn't feel like my lips are being glued together.
When it comes down to how long the lipgloss actually stays on the lips I was highly impressed, without eating or drink the shade was still there a good 3 or 4 hours later, obviously it fades over time but nowhere near as much as I had expected from a gloss…I was really surprised!
So, NARS, I applaud you!



  1. This looks so pretty, and I'm impressed with how long it lasts, especially for a lipgloss! xx

  2. A beautiful shade! I can't believe that it lasts so long!

    The Beauty Scrapbook

  3. I'm generally a lipstick girl, but this looks well worth a try! Such a lovely everyday colour too

    Rebecca Kate

  4. Hi from your newest follower! You have a lovely blog here. I am definitely a lipstick girl myself as well - mainly because I hate my hair sticking to the gloss! This colour may be a tad bit too light for me, but I'm tempted to check out any others from Nars.

    x Sneha | www.snehakadaba.com | http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/12830603


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