Saturday, 13 September 2014

The Easy Liquid Eyeliner

When a lot of people hear the words 'liquid eyeliner' they get a bit freaked out. It's notoriously difficult to apply, and fairly tricky to get even…it does however give a beautiful look, and if you're looking to get a cat eye flick then there is no better way.
Gel eyeliners may look the best, but if you're a beginner or don't have a steady hand it can be difficult to get right, and you may end up with uneven flicks, or black smudges around your eyes. Thankfully there is a product to save the day….enter Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner (£6).

I'm sure you've all seen these felt-tip style eyeliners before, they're everywhere! I have tried a few of them before, but the best one I have come across is by Soap & Glory.
Some eyeliners in this style have been a bit of a nightmare for me, whether it's the bulky tip, the short pen or the actual product not coming out well (resulting in streaky eyeliner…not a good look), I've had my issues with them, however the S&G fine marker style tip and easy to hold packaging are a dream, and the look it gives is faultless.
The packaging itself just looks like a pen, but I love that it's quite a long tube; it makes it so much easier to use. The fine point tip is amazing because you can get whatever desired look you want to go for; whether it's a tiny bit of definition on the upper lash line or a more intense look with a flick, you're sorted! The liquid is fantastic; it's jet black, fast drying, smooth and intense.
So, if you're struggling to get on with gel eyeliner, or you just want a product to turn to when you're in a hurry then look no further, Soap & Glory have got it covered with their Supercat Eyeliner.



  1. This sounds so perfect for me, I definitely need to try more Soap & Glory make up!

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

  2. This sounds great, I love using felt eyeliners they're so simple to use! Abi :)

  3. Hey! Great post, you have a lovely blog. Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin' and GFC? Let me know on my blog, I follow right back xx

  4. I've been using Revlon's felt tip liner and it works amazing. Soap & Glory have been coming out with some really great eye make up products though x


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