Tuesday, 4 June 2013

May Favourites 2013!


It is the beginning of June, which means May has just passed (obviously) so I thought I would tell you about the things I have been loving a lot through the month of May.

I actually already have done a YouTube video this that you can watch here if you wish, as there are more things featured on there.

I shall start with skincare. I have been absolutely loving the Garnier Moisture Match for Dull Skin.

I love Garnier skincare because I have quite sensitive skin and garnier never makes my skin dry, never breaks me out and it's also so affordable.
Moisture Match is a range of moisturisers garnier have brought out for all different skin types, they have one for oily skin, one for dry skin, for combination skin, etc. I got the Dull skin one because I do sometimes feel as if my skin needs a bit of a 'wake me up'....which this moisturiser does SO well.
It is gel formula, that glides onto the skin and makes me feel all refreshed, it also sinks in quickly which is handy if you're then going on to apply make-up (for which this makes a great base).
If you haven't already then do go and look at the whole range, that can be found here.
They all retail for £5.99, which I think is brilliant for the quality of them.
Couldn't recommend them more!

My next 2 favourites are both blushes from NYX, the first being a powder blush in the colour Peach....I have absolutely NO idea why they called it Peach as it's a pink blush.

This blush is a lovely matte, baby pink colour that I think works best on pale skin like mine, as it quite light, however I'm sure the colour can be built up more if you wish. It's extremely pigmented and so easy to blend, it doesn't break apart on my skin like I find a lot of blushes seem to.

This blush literally lasts all day on my cheeks as well, it fades ever so slightly by the end of the day but the colour will still be here. 

The next blush I got from NYX was a cream blush in the colour Natural.
This is the first cream blush I used, I'd never delved into it before because I thought a cream cheek product would be hard to work with and may look greasy. But I was so wrong.

This blush is amazing, the colour is gorgeous, really natural, so perfect for those 'no makeup' makeup days or if you just want a little wash of colour. It also makes you look so healthy, as it's cream it creates a really lovely dewy/glowy look - but not at all greasy, watery or oily. It's much easier to apply than I thought as well, it's extremely easy to blend - I do this with a Real Techniques contour brush.

I definitely want to purchase more of these, I love them. The only downside is they don't last especially long because it is cream, however, if you were to find a powder blush in the same sort of colour and apply a tiny bit of that over the top it would stay put a lot longer.

I purchased both of these NYX blushes from Amazon, you can get the powder one here and the cream one here.

My last favourite's are the Revlon lip butters. Oh my gosh, they are the best lip products. My favourite.

I have these in the colours Peach Parfait, Juicy Papaya, Strawberry Shortcake and Berry Smoothie (Left to Right). I just love these so much. (Amazing names aren't they!....AND the packaging makes me love them even more)

My favourite thing about these is the fact they feel so light on the lips. In the summer I find lipsticks can feel too heavy, and look too heavy but these don't at all. They are a cross between lip sticks and lip balms, they have amazing colour payoff but feel super light and look glossy on the lips - absolutely perfect for summer. The colours are amazing too, they do SUCH a range, so they'll be something for everyone. My personal favourite is Juicy Papaya, which is a gorgeous orange/coral colour.

(top to bottom - Peach Parfait, Juicy Papaya,
Strawberry Shortcake, Berry Smoothie)
They don't last an amazingly long time, a couple of hours, but I didn't really expect them to...when everything else is that great you have to compromise somewhere. These retail for £7.99 and you can buy them here.

There ya go, a few things I have been loving throughout May!
I'm a nosey parker, so leave me a comment telling me what you've been loving the last month :)



  1. found your blog through twitter, i love it great post, cute background as well:)

  2. I have the garnier moisture match but for normal to dry skin, its amazing! xxx



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