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Clarins Liquid Bronze | REVIEW

I naturally have very fair skin, I used to be naturally very tanned and seem to go brown quite easily (I have my Mediterranean blood to thank for that), but I am rather pale during the colder months especially. This makes finding a fake tan that doesn't make me look too dark, or orange very difficult. 
I'm not a massive fake tan person, I only really do it for special occasions or if I need a bit of a pick me up, but when I do tan I use St Moriz Self Tanning Lotion which I love, it looks natural on me, never goes streaky and fades evenly, however I do not use this on my face - your face absorbs things more than the rest of your body so you will find your face goes darker if you use normal tan on it - also, normal tan isn't designed with the delicate skin on your face in mind so it'll be likely to break you out or dry your skin. 
So, I was on the hunt for a brilliant face tanner that wasn't going to make me look orange, green, unnatural or go streaky and I have found one! 
*dances around room*

Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tan  for the face, neck and décolleté is an award winning tanner which claims to be 'as refreshing as water and as gentle as milk' which  I 100% agree with. I have sensitive skin and this hasn't once broken me out and it leaves me skin feeling soft.
I use this product before bed, after cleansing, toning and moisturising I apply about a 10p sized amount onto a cotton pad and sweep it all over my face, then I apply another 10p sized amount onto my neck and blend it out at the bottom. The colour of the lotion is white, so it can make it hard to tell where you have already covered but you get used to it - and even if you do miss a bit it won't matter hugely, thanks to the subtle change in colour.
I know due to the fact this lotion sinks in so fast some people use this in the morning and let it develop during the day, but I much prefer using it at night.

Clarins Liquid Bronze on the back of my hand

I will wake up in the morning and my face will have a healthy glow, nothing OTT, it just makes the skin look sun kissed and a lot healthier. I have also found that I have not been wanting to wear so much foundation because this tan evens out my skin tone a lot. 
Another great thing about this is it doesn't smell bad! You know that horrible biscuity smell you get with most fake tanners? It isn't present in Clarins Liquid Bronze, the lotion has a scent but it is more fruiter, and not in the slightest bit unpleasant. 

The tan will last a couple of days before it starts to fade, and it does this evenly.
I just love this product, it's great if I feel like I need a bit more colour, and I don't have to tan my whole body when using it because the colour is so subtle (obviously it can be built up though if you'd like to look darker).
Clarins Liquid Bronze retails for £18, which I guess is quite pricey, however it will last a long time because you only need the tiniest amount, and it does work SO well, so I'd highly recommend it, especially if you are paler. 
You can get this tan here.

Have you tried this product?
What's your favourite fake tan?

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