Sunday, 20 October 2013

My Favourite Fake Tan - St Moriz

I'm not a big tanner, in fact I only ever really put on fake tan when I'm having a night out or it's some other special occasion, but it always makes me feel a lot more confident and brightens my mood. 
The tan I always reach for and it's never let me down is St Moriz.

St Moriz is a brilliant self tanner that isn't too dark, isn't orange and doesn't make you look green either (like St Tropez can). I use the tanning lotion in medium (it's also available in dark), but St Moriz also do a spray which I find quite difficult to apply, and a mousse which I found was quite drying.
The lotion is definitely the best in my opinion, I apply it with the St Moriz tanning glove at night then go to bed, the lotion sinks in really quickly, and I wake up looking quite dark but once you have a shower and apply some moisturiser the tan looks natural, even and doesn't smell either.

I don't know why I don't see more hype on blogs about this tan because it really is great, it's won awards and been nominated for lots as well - very deserved.
The only negative thing I have to say about it is they've changed the packaging of the lotion, it used to come with a pump and now you have to tip it upside down and squeeze it out…not ideal, and I have no idea why they changed it.
Oh and don't use this on your face, I learnt the hard way. I didn't apply much and did exfoliate and moisturise before but it goes patchy and your face soaks up more than your body so it'll end up looking very dark. It also broke me out. I use Clarins Liquid Bronze on my face, review here.

The absolute best thing about this tan though is the price, you can buy it HERE from Feel Unique for £4.99! I know they also sell this is Savers, Tesco, Wilkinsons and now Boots as well for the same price. BARGIN.

What's your favourite fake tan?



  1. ive never tried any fake tans before, but this one sounds great!


    1. You should give it a go :) unless you don't need it of course!
      I like it though, always makes me feel more confident x

  2. I swear by this, its just as good as all the high end fake tans! Great post xx

  3. I prefer natural tanning but I'd give this product a try! Nice review :)

    1. When you live in the UK that isn't really an option haha x

  4. This is a fab self tanner! I have been using it for a couple of years now!

  5. Hello! Cute blog, i shall need to try this out...personally i prefer rimmel wash off fake tan products

    1. Thankyou :)
      oooh, I've never tried Rimmel tanning products, heard great things though! x


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