Friday, 18 October 2013

Bourjois Colour Edition Eye Shadow in Petale de Glace - REVIEW

Bourjois have brought out their own range of cream to powder eyeshadows in their AW13 colour edition collection! I don't actually see many of these on the highstreet, apart from the Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 hour ones, which I absolutely love, and when I received the Bourjois product I thought how similar it looks! Both state they last 24 hours, which seems to be an obsession in the makeup world currently, but really who wears makeup for that long? The packaging is similar, although Maybelline's is a glass pot and feels more expensive compared to the plastic Bourjois pot and they're both a similar concept.

As the concept and packaging is very similar to the Maybelline colour tattoos I expected the product to be similar too, but it's really not.
These bourjois shadows are much less cream, more powder. They are quite dry and also fairly firm when you try to get some on your finger (I found my fingers was the best way to apply them), however I found them very easy to work with once on the eyelid and blend beautifully.
The shade I got was Petale de Glace, nowhere on the pot itself does it say a name so I had to go from other blogs, it's a gorgeous shade but quite difficult to describe, it'd say it's a browny champagney colour with a hint of purple and lovely and shimmery.
The colour payoff of this shadow is good, not amazing but good and can definitely be built up.

Bourjois claim these last 24 hours but I highly doubt it, after about 8 hours it started to fade but didn't crease (hurrah!).

I do love this product and it's a welcome addition to my makeup stash and the colour is right up my street and really looks lovely, but I still prefer the Maybelline colour tattoos and as the Bourjois ones are £2 more (retail for £6.99 as apposed to Maybelline's £4.99) I would recommend Maybelline more.

Buy them HERE!

(Bourjois very kindly sent me this product, thank you Bourjois!)


  1. That colour is beautiful great base!

  2. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  3. I actually use highlighters or bronzers these days as eyeshadows. They just seem to stop fading! You mention how it started to fade but maybe apply and invest in a really good primer? It solved ALL my problems haha!

    1. I sometimes use highlighters too :) they look pretty!
      Well, I never normally wear makeup for more than 8 hours anyway so it's okay x

  4. I love the shade and a the fact that is more dry than maybelline colour tattoo ones. I like them a lot but for me personally more drier textures work better! Maybe because of oily lids:) Thanks for sharing, now I have another product on my MUST llist :D


    1. Ah you will probably love it then!
      I have quite dry skin so that's why I prefer the creamier maybelline ones :)

  5. I've been wanting to try them out! That shade is gorgeous

    lovely blog

  6. Thankyou :)
    Definitely try them out! x


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