Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Goodbye Coffee, Hello Pukka!

I've always been a healthy person, but within the last year I've really started to think about what I'm eating and drinking, both for health reasons and just to feel generally better. 
I'm by no means someone who cuts out carbs, ALL sugar, counts calories, etc but I do watch what I'm eating. I don't like having much sugar, e.g. fizzy drinks, sweets, cakes, I make sure I have healthy snacks throughout the day instead of crisps or the like. 
But I realised a few months ago I was drinking coffee everyday, I wanted a healthier alternative…that's where Pukka comes in. 

Pukka is a brand that have created organic, herbal teas that are delicious and rich in health benefits.
If you'd said to be a year or two ago that I'd be drinking herbal teas everyday I wouldn't believe you, I never liked the thought of them, I imagined they'd taste bland or unexciting - I was wrong.
Every morning I have the Pukka cleanse tea, which is organic nettle, fennel and peppermint. It says this one purifies your skin and I have found my skin looks brighter since drinking it! Plus, it tastes amazing.
In the evenings I have either the Mint Green tea which is organic whole leaf tea with sweet spearmint, or Three Mint which is organic peppermint, spearmint and field mint, which is meant to refresh and soothe digestion. The latter is my personal favourite, as a lover of mint flavour it's perfect!

Pukka do a whole range of teas, with flavours such as cinnamon, cardamon and ginger, cinnamon and sweet vanilla, lemon, ginger and honey, peppermint and liquorice, rose, vanilla and camomile and many more amazing flavours, there's something for everyone!

If you're looking for a healthier hot drink, or just to try something new I can't recommend these enough.
You can see the whole range of Pukka teas here!



  1. I discovered these teas 2 weeks ago and I'm addicted! Love the 'detox' one x

    Jodie Marie
    à la Jode

  2. My friend is a huge fan of these and they carry them in our pharmacies, so might just give them a try! x

    Živa | Nothin' Fancy. Really.

  3. Love the ginger and lemongrass one!

  4. I don't really drink tea that often but I just recently bought the pukka peppermint & licorice tea and it tastes amazing :)

    xx Vivi


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