Friday, 4 December 2015

Pyjamas & Tea

A hot cup of tea and cosy pyjamas is a match made in heaven. I'm a self confessed tea-oholic and drink at least 3 cups a day all year round, but the colder months make that mug of comfort all the more enjoyable, especially when I get to sip on it whilst wearing the softest pyjamas ever.

I love all tea but I drink green and white teas the most, sometimes they're plain and sometimes I mix it up a bit and go for flavoured tea, daring I know. I've got three firm favourites at the moment and they're so delicious and wonderful I thought it'd be a crime not to share them with you. It'd also be a crime not to share with you one of the best pairs of pyjamas I've ever owned (honestly, think about the softest thing you've ever felt and they're better than that).

I'm a massive fan of clipper tea; they're organic, have non-checmial decaffeination, are fair-trade and in their own words are 'as tea should naturally be'. They also have non-bleached teabags, something I always look out for! My favourite tea by quite a way is the Green Tea with Raspberry & Ginseng, you get the amazing antioxidant power of green tea but it tastes is so much sweeter and refreshing as it's enhanced with ginseng and natural raspberry flavour. I find this tea has such a perfect, gentle flavour whilst also helping to keep sweet cravings at bay.
I've also been getting into white tea more recently, and often find myself reaching for Clipper's Organic White Tea. White tea is made from the buds and young leaves of the tea bush, and has natural anti-oxidant powers. The taste is stronger than green tea, but very un-refined, clean and comforting.
Last but not least is a tea from Pukka, and it's their Vanilla Chai tea - yes, it's as delicious as it sounds! This is a caffeine-free cup of sweet, organic, wonderful tastes that's absolutely perfect for this time of year. You have the spices from the cinnamon, cardamon and ginger mixed with the sweetness of liquorice and vanilla, a heavenly combination! I like to add a plash of oat milk to this tea sometimes, which makes it deliciously creamy and comforting.

Whilst I'm enjoying a steaming cup of one of these teas I'm normally wearing pyjamas because lets be honest, no other item of clothing is going to be as snuggly and warm! I was shopping in Sainsbury's the other day and was drawn in by the range of Christmas nightwear they had on display, and as soon as I run my hand over the bottoms in the Robin Gift Pyjama Set (£14) I knew they had to be mine. The top is super comfy, but it's the PJ bottoms that I love for their super soft, extremely cosy material that makes you feel so warm when you slip them on. Christmas PJ's sorted!

What's your favourite type of
hot drink?



  1. I completely agree, tea is so amazing at helping me to cosy up in the colder months. I am completely obsessed with it too haha! I love camomile tea but I don't think that anything really beats traditional English Breakfast tea.


    1. English Breakfast tea is definitely the most comforting on a cold day! x

  2. Your blog is sooo cute, I love it ! :) Also your post my favorite brand of tea is Clipper, very nice products ! xx

  3. I've never tried these tea brands~! They all sound lovely <33

  4. Tea is my obsession too! The Vanilla Chai tea is one of my favourites...I might have to go and make a cup now!
    Lovely post x

  5. I am a tea-oholic too and I love trying out different teas! When it is freezing outside, there's nothing better than enjoying a hot cup tea under the blanket:) Vanilla chai tea is yummy, I like it however except tea I also enjoy hot chocolate this time of year!

  6. I don't think I've ever tried any type of tea other than english breakfast tea - i might have to pick up a few different flavours to try for winter! x

    Becky | BCKY.CO.UK


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