Tuesday, 1 April 2014

No.7 Pop & Glow Cream Blush Stick in Classic Rose | Review

I think I've mentioned before I don't often try cream blushes, I'm not sure why because the ones I do have I really like and I think they're particularly great for Spring and Summer but I always seem to opt for powder. However, I recently tried the new No.7 Pop & Glow Blush Stick in Classic Rose and it's pretty darn good.

Firstly, I really do adore the packaging of this blush, it's in a stick form (much like Nars multiples) so you can just twist it up, dab it onto your check, smudge with your fingers or a brush and you're good to go! The application of this product is really great, it's easy to get a sheer wash of colour when blended or you can build it up to a more intense look if you wish, which still would only take a couple of swipes as the colour payoff is outstanding (swatches above).
The shade I have is Classic Rose which is a gorgeous hot pink, I think this is beautiful for Spring and Summer! I had my doubts that the colour would suit me, but I find it warms up my complexion and gives me a healthy glow - the fact it has a sheen helps with that.
Often cream blushes can be very sticky, but this blush stick is far from it - it almost feels powder like once it's dried. It's creamy, easy to blend and sets into the skin really well. But as it's that cream formula it hasn't got the longest staying power  -  I'd say it lasted about 5 hours maximum before it faded on me, however if you put powder over the top it will make it last longer and you can always carry this around in your bag for touchups during the day!
Overall I would definitely recommend this chubby stick style blush if you're new to cream blushes, or perhaps you're not keen on them because of the stickiness or difficult application but like the look they give, this will ease you in. They do 2 more blush shades and 1 highlighter in the same packaging and formulation which I must pick up! The price (£9.95) is definitely a bit much for a high street brand, I would say it shouldn't be more than £7…but if you'd like to treat yourself it's worth it for a lovely product.

Have you tried this yet?
What is your thoughts on cream blushes?



  1. I was eyeing these up the other day in Boots, but like you said the price was bit of an off put.
    Although this looks a gorgeous shade & would look fab in the summer with a nice tan :)
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh

  2. This colour looks lovely, i will have to keep an eye out for it in boots!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  3. Great review x


  4. Great colour and I love cream brushes! You're blog is fabulous! Do you mind checking my blog out?

  5. I still haven't found the knack of using cream blushers on my oily skin but this looks really nice and natural once blended out so maybe I'll give it a try :)
    Bea x

    Bea's Beauty Blog

  6. This sounds lovely, but I do agree with you that it's a tad over priced...i'll probably grab hold of it when No7 do those amazing £3 off vouchers! Xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

  7. I love the idea of putting them in stick form, the colour looks so pretty I'm definitely picking this up :) x


  8. I have to get this! I bought the No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter in the stick form like this and I love it (used for handy £3 off No7 voucher), so I will have to pick up these cream blush sticks too. This is such a gorgeous colour for Spring! x

    Kathryn | effievanity


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