Saturday, 5 April 2014

Best Contour Shade For Pale Skin

If you're more on the pale side, like me, you may find it difficult to achieve a good contour with a bronzer. Most people do use a matte bronzer to contour their face, however if you're pale this can look too dark, too orangey or be hard to blend into a more subtle look. I have found a product that's absolutely perfect for getting that contoured look on pale skin, let me introduce you to NYX Blush in Taupe. 

Yes, this shade is marketed as a blush, but it's quite a cool toned, matte, ashy brown with slight hints of an almost purply colour - which is actually much better to contour with than most bronzers as it will help you achieve that shadow effect much more successfully.
I'm a big fan of the formulation of NYX blushes, they're soft, easy to blend, well pigmented, long lasting and very inexpensive. This shade didn't disappoint at all, and lived up to my expectations.
Since getting this product I haven't used anything else to contour with! I just find that Taupe gives me the most natural shadow under my cheekbone, creating the illusion of more defined features and slimming my face - I use the Real Techniques Blush brush to apply it in the hollows of my cheeks, or the contour brush for a more defined look. The shade doesn't look at look orange, it's not too dark, it can be sheered out or build up so if you want it for a daytime look or you're going all out for a night look then it'll work brilliantly and it lasts a long time. Another thing that I give a massive thumbs up to is the fact is fades so evenly, some bronzers I used to use for contouring faded quite patchy or moved around on the skin - very annoying! This blush shade doesn't do that at all, the colour will just naturally fade away.
The packaging isn't my favourite…I always wish they had little mirrors in, or weren't that quite cheap feeling plastic, however at the price of £6 (NYX website, not including shipping - or try Amazon) I don't expect the packaging to be really fancy, especially since the product inside is of such a high quality.

So, if you're a pale skinned girl I'd definitely recommend trying this product. You'll never have to worry about being too heavy handed, looking too orange or like you have a massive streak down your face.



  1. heard so many good things about using this blush as a bronzer and contour colour, will have to try it out!


  2. I hawe this blush, and i like it so much. I used it like contouring tool.

  3. Oooooo I will have to try it!

  4. Never really tried anything from NYX as it's so hard to get in the UK, I'll have to order something online and give it a go! Xx

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  8. I have never tried NYX products, so thanks for sharing!

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