Friday, 28 February 2014

Making Your Eyeshadow Last Longer Without Primer

Eyeshadow not lasting the whole day is one of the most irritating things about makeup, in my opinion.
I hate it when I spend ages getting the shadows to look nice and then it either fades or creases (the worst). Eye primers work wonders, but the good ones like Urban Decay or Nars are rather pricey, so here are a few ways to make your eyeshadow look great all day without using primers.

• If you can't afford an eye primer using your normal face primer will also work, I do this sometimes with the Revlon Photo Ready primer and it does help my eyeshadow to last a lot longer than normal.
• Apply a cream eyeshadow before powder. The powder will stick to the cream shadow and therefore last longer, and if it does start to fade it will do so naturally and shouldn't crease.
• Use your foundation or concealer, apply it all over the lid and blend, then put some of your face powder over the top and go ahead to apply your eyeshadow. This will be a great base for your eyeshadow and help it to last all day.
• Layer your eyeshadow! So many people just go straight in really heavily with eyeshadow and only do one layer, doing so will mean your eyeshadow will crease during the day. Instead apply your shadow to the brush, tap off any excess product and apply to the eye, then repeat - the more you layer up the product the longer it should last. Make sure you blend your eyeshadows in well!

With these tips your eyeshadow should last a lot longer, and not crease!
Hope you found these tips helpful.



  1. So good post! I try to do it too!

  2. Great tips - strangely it's exactly the products I'm using today - how weird!! Kat x

    1. That is weird! Great products though :) x

  3. Good tips!

  4. Good tips :D

  5. great post and tips ;))

  6. Really great tips! Definitely gonna try this! x

    1. Glad you found the post helpful :) x

  7. Great tips! I do like the Urban Decay primer but as you say it's very expensive, I've found the much more affordable Avon primer does great too!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

  8. You have a lovely blog! I've used No7's eyeshadow primer before which I bought when they had one of those Boots voucher offers on, ive found its not too bad to use with powder shadows!

    H, xo

  9. nice tips :)


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