Sunday, 9 February 2014

Best Bargain Eyeshadow Palette

One of the most asked questions I get is 'What's the best highstreet/drugstore eyeshadow?'. It seems most eyeshadows are either not good quality, have a rubbish shade range or are overpriced.
My favourite eyeshadow palettes you can get in high street shops are the Sleek palettes.

The Sleek eyeshadow palettes consist of 12 eyeshadows and are priced at £7.99 - BARGAIN!
My favourite of the selection is Storm (pictured). I use it often as most of the shades are natural and neutral, but there are some more daring shades in there like dark green or pink, and there's so many different looks you can get out of it. There's a mixture of light and dark colours, shimmery and matte. For the price I really don't think you can beat the quality of these shadows, they're so pigmented and you can really built them up to an intense colour. The wear of them isn't as long as high end shadows, that's expected, but they still last all day with a primer, without a primer they would last a good time still but just may crease a little - it's best to try and build them up to avoid this.



Other than Storm there are 14 other palettes to choose from, so there'll be something to please everyone. There's some really bright and intense coloured palettes, some naturals palettes, matte palettes and of course palettes with a mixture.
The packaging is very sleek (yep) and doesn't feel too cheap. The lid on my palette has broken because I dropped it, but I think they're quite durable.

Sleek, in my opinion, do the best eyeshadows for such a barginous price. You can buy Sleek eyeshadow palettes on their website anywhere in the world and in Superdrug in the UK.
I've got my eye on the Oh So Special and the Au Naturals palettes next!



  1. This is so pretty,can't believe I haven't tried any sleek palettes!

  2. I've got a mac palette and i love it, but i've heard a lot about these sleek eye shadows! After this i think i'll order some and give them a go! Thank you x

    1. MAC are obviously better quality, but this whole palette is cheaper than 1 single MAC eyeshadow! x

  3. The top row swatches are just what I've been looking for! Thanks for sharing :)

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

  4. The Sleek palettes are amazing value for money! I absolutely love them and would recommend to anyone :)
    Bea x
    Bea's Beauty Blog

    1. Aren't they just! So would I, they're great x

  5. I love sleek make up. I've got a few of their products and their eye shadow palettes are next on my list.

    Xx Anne

  6. This was my first ever Sleek purchase. Loved it back then..
    X Manouk


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