Thursday, 30 January 2014

Clinique Chubby Stick Instense in Grandest Grape | REVIEW

If there's one makeup product I could buy endless amounts of it's definitely lipsticks or any lip product to be honest - I'm obsessed. From lipsticks, to lip glosses, to lip stains, to lip balms, I love them all…but one of my favourite type of lip product is definitely the crayon style ones. It seems more or less every makeup brand has jumped on Clinique's bandwagon and made their own (and some are damn good) but for Christmas I got a chubby stick by the lip crayon trendsetter - Clinique.

The colour I got was one that featured in one of my wish lists a few months back, it's called Grandest Grape. I'm quite big on bolder lip colours for Autumn and Winter, so the beautiful dark purple/dark pink/berry colour is right up my street!


The texture of this chubby stick is amazing, if you're someone who doesn't like lipstick to feel too heavy then this is for you! It glides on smoothly, and is so creamy it can be applied to the lips without any tugging, but at the same time it isn't so creamy that it'll slide around.
The finish is gorgeously glossy, and the product feels lovely and hydrating which is the biggest bonus when the weather isn't at its best.
The wear time for the chubby stick is good, I'd say about four hours if you're not eating or drinking, and it leaves behind a slight stain.

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense is priced at £17, which is more expensive than the alternatives out there, but having tried a few of them I'd say the original is the best. Chubby sticks feel more luxurious, they make my lips feel softer, and the colour payoff is better.
I'd definitely recommend this product, it'd make a lovely treat for yourself!

Have you tried this product?
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  1. I'm also a lip obsessive! I haven't actually tried the chubby sticks though, will definitely be checking out this shade though, it's super pretty! x

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  2. I recently bought (and loved) a chubby stick for eyes, so now I really need to try the original lip one! This a beautiful shade and it really looks lovely on you x

    1. You should! I want to try the eye ones too :)
      Aw thankyou! x

  3. This looks absolutely magnificent on you! I am a big fan of chubby sticks, they are my go to lip product!


  4. This shade absolutely looks lovely on you!


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