Friday, 26 July 2013

Sleek Blush - Life's A Peach | REVIEW AND SWATCH

Sleek, by far my favourite high street/drugstore brand for blushes - pigmented, great range of colours, inexpensive, nicely packaged and just brilliant. As it's now summer time I wanted a peachy coloured blush, something you can't really get away with in winter but a colour that I find suits my complexion well, so the first place I looked was Sleek as I didn't want to spend too much money and lo and behold I find the most beautiful peach blush that goes by the name of Life's a Peach (thumbs up for the name, Sleek!).

When I saw it I thought "wow, that's bright" but actually when I swatched it, even though it was highly pigmented, the colour was nowhere near as bright as it looks in the pan - it's very subtle and in my opinion the perfect summer daytime blush (as you can see in the swatch below).
It's the most gorgeous orangey peach, it's completely matte which I love, it blends beautifully, and lasts a good amount of time, and all for £4.49 - I really cannot complain!
The packaging is just like all the Sleek packaging, thin, black, sleek (hence the name) but definitely difficult to open! But that's a small price to pay, as when you do get inside the product is fabulous.

I have been wearing this every single time I've worn makeup over the last month, I adore it, so if you're looking for a good subtle, but buildable, summer blush this is definitely one to consider.
I'd recommend this for people with fairer complexions, I feel like if your skin is dark it may not show up very well.

Buy it here!

What's your go to summer blush?


  1. I love Sleek's eyeshadows - Still haven't tried their blushes out yet, though I definitely will now. Such a pretty colour too :)

  2. Looks pretty! Never tried Sleek blushes before, but keep wanting to give them a try

    Em @

  3. In love with sleek blushers!! I have one in coral and I adore it! Really love your blog and would be amazing if you could take a look at ours?

    Laura & Rona

  4. I have about 12 sllek blushes but not this one!!!! I want it now x


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