Friday, 15 February 2013

Sleek Face Form in Fair Review

I have wanted the sleek face contour kit for quite a while now, and I have also wanted to try their blushes, so when I was in Superdrug the other day and came across the bronzer and highligher from the face contour kit AND a blusher all in 1 palette for £10 I had to get it, and I have to say Sleek really are brilliant!

 It comes in the above card packaging/box, which I personally think isn't necessary and a bit of a waste of paper, but hay ho. You open it and inside is the lovely sleek (yes, sleek) rectangular packaging which I LOVE, it reminds me slightly of the Nars packaging, however this one doesn't get anywhere near as messy as the Nars ones do. The box itself is smaller than you'd probably expect but I think a lovely size, especially for travelling or popping in your handbag. It isn't flimsy, and the box doesn't open really easily so it wont get your bag all messy! (MASSIVE BONUS)

You open it up and inside is a beautiful bronzer, highlighter and lovely blush (looks a bit scary in the pan but it's amazing on).

I love the bronzer because it's not at all orangy and it's practically matte, it has the tiniest amount of shimmer in but so do practically all bronzers, if you want to contour with bronzer then the less shimmer the better. It goes so nicely onto the skin, it's easy to blend and because I got the colour 'fair' in this palette it's not too dark for my white as white skin tone, which I find sometimes my Nars Laguna is (but I do adore that bronzer).
The highlighter is a really lovely light pink shade with shimmer running through it, when applied it comes out very light, which is obviously what you want with a highlighter and it's not gold or metallically like my favourite highlighter (Mac MSF, review here) but sometime's it's nice to have a change, and it's not so full on so if you've gone bold with other areas of your make up you don't want an overly shimmer gold toned highlighter.
The blusher is gorgeous, it's a bright corally, goldy peach colour with gold shimmers, like I said before it does look slightly scary and bright in the pan but once applied (gently with a soft hand) it looks gorgeous, it gives such a nice glow to the face and compliments the bronzer and highlighter well. I believe you can get this blush individually as well, it's called Rose Gold and it's a well known dupe for the high end blusher Orgasm by Nars. Rose Gold is less pink than orgasm and less shimmery but apart from that they are extremely similar, especially when applied.

Left to right - Bronzer, highlighter, blusher.

All 3 of these powders are extremely highly pigmented, a little will go a long way and they will last ages. They are so easy to blend, very flattering to my skin tone, I got the fair palette but they also do the colours light, medium and dark to choose from, so there's one to suit everyone!
They last for hours and hours and they're just beautiful. For £10 I think this palette is an absolute bargain, the quality of the packaging and the powders is up there with the high-end brands! I would definitely recommend this Face Form palette from Sleek.

Available from selected Superdrug stores and on the SLEEK WEBSITE.

Do you own this palette or would you like to?
Do you own any other Sleek products?


  1. This looks like a great set!
    What do you think the bronzer would look like on very pale skin?

    1. Get the shade fair or light :) I have extremely pale skin and it looks great on, it's not dark at all and blends nicely :) x

  2. Nice review!
    I really like your blog and find it inspiring. I have decided to nominate you for my Liebster Award. You can check it out here:

    I hope to read your answers to the questions I posted! happy blogging
    xx Maddy

  3. This review is amazing and is making me consider buying this palette as it looks so beautiful. Would be amazing if you checked my blog out!


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