Thursday, 15 August 2013

Soap & Glory The Daily Smooth Body Butter | REVIEW

I would like to introduce you to my absolute favourite ever body butter/body moisturiser - Soap & Glory's The Daily Smooth Body Butter!

I have tried rather a lot of body butters, body moisturisers, body creams, etc, I hate having dry skin and I always feel a million times better after moisturising, but I'm also very fussy when it comes to finding a product I actually like but Soap & Glory have won me over again with this!

Firstly it smells AMAZING, like vanilla, cocoa butter and ever so slightly florally (but only the tiniest bit), it's also quite musky - I adore it. It's not over powering either, I don't like it when body products smell too strongly so you feel you can't wear perfume. 
As it's a body butter it is quite thick, which is why I was surprised at how quickly it sinks into the skin - there's none of that waiting around for ages, unable to move, and then when it does sink in your skin is left feeling super soft. I have used moisturisers purposely for dry skin and they don't even compare to how this leaves me - and it lasts ages as well - it's not like "oooh my skin is so soft" and then a few hours later it's dry again.

As you can see from the photos this product has been well loved; I am having to squeeze the tube so much now to get anything to come out of it but I will definitely be repurchasing.
This amazing body butter retails for £9, which I thing is perfectly reasonable when you take into consideration how wonderful it smells, how great it works and also how long it lasts - I have had this for about 9 months and it's only just running out now, a little bit really goes a long way!

What's your favourite Soap & Glory product?



  1. I have this :) works great and smells a treat! X

  2. Hello,
    i love your blog and this is a great review!
    Would be awesome if you checked out my blog, i have only just started so its not looking as great as yours hahah!

    Lara x

  3. where did you buy this from? I haven't seen this in any Soap and Glory counter that I've ever been to. It looks so fabulous though! Have you tried their moisturising mist? That is a really good product too.

    love your blog x

  4. Soap and glory is my favourite , I love this stuff!!! Xx


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